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September 21, 2012

Status Update of Happenstance

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I decided to work on two bugs today. The first is bug 792296 to reduce the number of reflows that happen when calling various popup methods. The other is bug 621944 which causes wrapping around to the start of the message when finding text in Thunderbird to fail to function properly. Both bugs are completely unrelated and involved changing very different parts of code.

The first bug was simple. Just change a couple places where a flush is done so as to not flush and get the frames for the popup directly. Test and then submit to the tryserver.

While that is happening, investigate the review comments from the second bug which clued me in as to what was wrong. The simple fix here is that the wrong window was being used to start the text search; instead of using the focused child frame of the window to find in, the focused child frame of the active window was being used. Write a patch and local testing shows that it fixes the problem in Thunderbird, and also fixes a simple testcase.

Some tryserver results from the first bug are now available, showing that there are failures in some private browsing and network tests. Odd, those tests aren’t using popups and look unrelated. It fails on every machine so doesn’t look like an intermittent failure. No one else’s builds show the error, so this is strange.

Run the failing tests locally. They work fine. Scratch head. Run a larger batch of tests. They still work fine. Consider making Ehsan fix the problem. Nope, he’s eating lunch.

After a while I discover an amazing thing. I don’t get the test failures locally because they are fixed by the patch to the second bug! By sheer coincidence, the patches to two unrelated bugs come together to fix both bugs! And that’s not all! It looks like it’s intermittent orange bug 707599! Fixed! Fixed! Fixed!

Also today: bug 793157 which adds a moveToAnchor method to popups and panels to allow one to move an open popup to a particular anchor location.


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