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November 26, 2010

Status Update for November 26

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  • Bug 613748 – fixed some issues with keys not working in other tabs when one tab has a prompt displayed.
  • Bug 561243 – clicking the mouse wasn’t focusing or adjusting the caret in the name field in the bookmarks popup. The issue was that the outline on the textbox was trapping the mouse event.
  • Bug 614152 – after opening a menu from a notification, the page’s context menu was not working.
  • Bug 527749 – IE fires the dragleave event at the element being dragged out of after firing the dragenter event on the element being dragged into. The patch in this bug changes to match this behaviour, but as this makes the events fire backwards from what would seem logical and isn’t quite as useful, the older dragexit event is also available which remains unchanged; it still gets fired before the dragenter event as before.

November 12, 2010

Status Update for November 12

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Bugs worked on this week:

  • Bug 606343 – almost finished with arrow panel alignment as the current patch in the bug seems to work on all platforms.
  • Bug 610378 – fixed an issue where drops were not being allowed when the effectAllowed property was being set.
  • Bug 607224 – added support to handle pressing F10 or the Alt key by itself to this bug which adds a flag to indicate if a menu is being used via the keyboard.
  • Bug 611313 – created a patch which might fix some issues that cause various template tests to occasionally fail.
  • Bug 511010 – worked on some display flickering when closing a menu from the bookmarks panel. I created a patch to not adjust window activation when closing a menu when clicking on a panel.

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