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October 31, 2010

Status Update for October 31

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Four bugs occupied my time in the past week:

  • Bug 489303 – more work on showing the resizer when the statusbar is disabled. This involved a number of adjustments to ensure the resizer and scrollbars appeared correctly using the right appearance.
  • Bug 607224 – a new feature was requested to have certain menu items only visible when the keyboard is being used to activate them. This allows commands which are duplicated in the main interface to be hidden, reducing the total number of visible menu items for casual mouse-oriented usage.
  • Bug 601182 – some extra focus related events are sent to a plugin on Mac. Some work here was done to have plugin focus a special case.
  • Bug 606343 – some tweaks are needed to ensure that the arrow on an arrow panel points at what it should do. No patch yet, as I’m still investigating ways to implement this that would work for different types and sizes of anchor and in different themes on each platform.



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