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August 8, 2010

Status Update for August 7

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This is what I have been working on lately:

  • Now that popups support titlebars, and the inspector window uses them, a bug was uncovered where tree selection wasn’t working. The solution was to just use more ordinary offset computations.
  • Some discussion came up about focus behaviour on Mac. I added a preference to allow clicking form elements to focus them.
  • After having the patch sit around for a long time, I finally finished off bug 383930 which more or less deprecates the use of document.popupNode and document.tooltipNode. Instead, the popup element itself has a triggerNode property that can be used.
  • Other popup work involves improving the times when popups are laid out. This allows one to retrieve the likely position where a popup will appear during the popupshowing event. This will allow arrow panels to be possible. Arrow panels orient themselves automatically based on their location on screen. However, I’ll need some help finishing this off to get the appearance right on each platform.
  • Dave Townsend was having a problem with the alignment of some add-on iconic buttons. Rather than fix that problem I just implemented what he really wanted which was xul images that scale and maintain their size ratio.
  • Spent some time getting to know the workings of the Metacity window manager. Then, I spent some time wishing I hadn’t. This was an attempt to determine why the window focus gets confused and causes tests on Linux to fail randomly.
  • Found an old bug where key modifiers were not being sent to menuitem command events when the menu was selected with the keyboard.
  • I also looked into a few crash bugs.

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