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May 7, 2010

Status Update for May 7

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Focus Rings

Checked in and worked on some additional followup issues with how focus rings are displayed. The intent is to display focus outline rings only when the system wants us to. Most notably, on Windows, focus rings only get displayed when a system setting is used, or the keyboard is used to open or navigate within a dialog. On Mac, elements do not focus themselves any more when clicked.

The new :-moz-focusring property pseudoclass only matches when a focus ring should be displayed.


I implemented a patch which uses some custom images for resizers in bug 554810. This improves the appearance when the textbox background colour is changed, on certain platforms and with right-to-left textboxes.


I am getting back into implementing more popup and panel features. The first feature allows one to retrieve the likely coordinates of where a popup will appear from within a popupshowing event using the getBoundingClientRect method or other similar methods. This will create the popup content and lay it out, which means that the popup could be laid out twice, however the popup layout will only occur twice if you actually need the information beforehand. In most situations, you don’t.

I then used this feature to start work on a generic arrow style of panel which has an arrow which points to its target. The arrow position updates to point in the right direction and be in the right position even when the popup opens in a different direction or position than expected.


The functions of the nsDragAndDrop.js script are currently used in browser.js in a couple of places. Most uses have been converted to the new drag and drop API. In bug 545119 I remove the last usages of this script from Firefox. This script and any of its functionality will not be available in browser code any more, unless you include it yourself, which you wouldn’t do, right?


  • In bug 554873 I worked on getting waitForFocus to work more as expected.
  • Merged some popup layout code in bug 562740.

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